• Ray 2D


    With the same outstanding quality and features of Ray 2, Ray 2D comes with the world-renowned Sarm Dualdrive drivetrain which allows an exceptionally high gear-inch ratio of 578% throughout its 27 speeds and easily managed by a single right hand shifter. Ray 2D allows changing three of its gears internally without the use of a front derailleur. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about putting extra pressure on your legs when coming to a sudden halt. A click on its shifter’s lever brings the gear to a lower level making the start a breeze.

  • An efficient and refined electric-assist system on a recumbent bike could be the best feature a recumbent rider can get; especially if used for longer tours or on hilly areas. You’ll have the assist as an energy backup, the up and downs of your path won’t scare you anymore and you never arrive exhausted and will have more control over your longer rides. The bike still functions great if you prefer to keep the electric-assist off and have some exercise.

    Ray 2E can be ordered with a 250W/36V, 350W/48V or 500W/48V motor and 8Ah to 16Ah battery pack which offer a range of up to 75km- 180km (47mi- 112mi)per charge. Using only high quality and reliable Samsung, LG or Sony cells, the battery pack has a life of about 1000 cycles.

    This is what many of our customers have been asking for it. We have dedicated two full years of research and development toward the development of our bikes, and it has resulted in machines that offer unprecedented versatility, performance, superior balance and stunning futuristic style. Avoid the ordinary!

  • Ray 2X


    Some extras of everything! It’s lightweight, fast and loaded with high quality components: 20/30 speed SHIMANO DYNASYS system makes changing the gears unexpectedly smooth. The sophisticated AIR rear suspension absorbs the smallest bumps on your paths. With up to 600% of drivetrain ratio, it performs wonderfully on high cruising speeds and also capable of climbing steep hills easily. Our own refined and eye-catching wheelset, meticulous attention to details and stunning two-tone colours make this model a real marvel!

  • Ray-2


    As our best-seller, Ray 2 is a versatile and high performance bike and is considered as the best value for money on the market. 24 speed SRAM X.7 drivetrain, rear suspension and front/rear disc brakes are standard. There are also several options to make it your dream bike. It comes in two sizes and five vibrant and attractive colours.