Exceptionally efficient, comfortable and easy to use, CT LIMIT comes with a simple 9 speed deivetrain making it a very low maintenance bike for daily use. With a great inch ration of 30-100” it offer more than enough practicality on up and downs of city streets. Its front fork and frame are compatible with any regular carrier racks for daily commutes and shopping. It comes with the largest and most comfortable saddle on the market and fully adjustable to any height and desirable position. Its handlebar can be adjusted in a wide range to maintain a natural and ergonomically-proven posture. Again, it could be the most comfortable city bike ever!



    For those who expect more the X version has a lot to offer. It comes with high-end parts and components, 27 speed Sram X.9 drivetrain, front and rear AVID BB7 disc brakes and exceptional attention to details.

    With a wide range of gear inch ratio it is fast and copes any hills easy. CT LIMIT X is prestigious, lightweight and simply the most comfortable city bike out there.



    With the same outstanding quality and features of CT LIMIT, CT LIMIT D comes with the world-renowned Sram Dualdrive drivetrain, which allows an exceptionally high gear-inch ratio of 578% throughout its 27 speeds and easily managed by a single right hand shifter. CT LIMIT D allows changing three of its gears internally without the use of a front derailleur. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about putting extra pressure on your legs when coming to a sudden halt. A click on its shifter’s lever brings the gear to a lower level making the start a breeze.

    It is equipped with front and rear disc brakes and comes with fenders and built-in kickstand as standard.

  • An efficient and refined electric-assist system on a city bike could be the best feature if used for longer distances or hilly streets. By saving time and money on daily commutes or shopping you also save the planet. Although all CT LIMIT frames are electric-assist ready, we spent time on many aspects of an ideal electric-assisted city bikes and created a trouble-free, efficient, lightweight and high performance city bikes who appreciate class and quality. CT LIMIT E can be ordered with a super lightweight 250W front drive or 350W/500W rear hub drive for those who expect more power and performance. The bike still can be used without electric-assist as a regular bike if you intend to get some exercise too.

  • Maxarya’s very own newly designed fork has been professionally tested and is of high quality that performs superbly at all levels of city cruising. It’s sturdy, attractive and made of made of lightweight alloy and heat-treated. It features welded steerer for strength and safety. Compatible with V brake and disc brake and comes with standard front carrier bosses.

  • The Raider R70 is perfect for cross-country and city rides as it securely holds any standard panniers or a bag using the side structure. The Raider R70 is compatible with V brakes and disc brakes. Perfectly matches CT LIMIT and any other bikes.

  • Lube-wet


    Lube for wet conditions and muddy conditions.

    Very effective against rust

    Best lubricant for repelling water

    It forms a very thin protective film that allows a better transmission.

    This lubricant is fully biodegradable

  • Lube-pro


    ZEFAL BIKE PRO LUBE is a long-lasting lube for all conditions.

    Pro Bio Lube is a specialized lubricant, ideal for riders looking for competitiveness and performance.

    It's made of synthetic esters that give a longer and better protection to metal parts against day-to-day wear, tear and corrosion.

    It has outstanding performance for versatile weather conditions.

    Best features

    •  High lubricating power.
    •  Effective in all weather conditions.
    •  This lubricant is fully biodegradable.
  • Lube-dry


    ZEFAL Dry Lube is ideal in dry weather conditions. This lubricant excels in dry and dusty environments.

    • Prevents dust and sand from sticking.
    • Its quick drying formula forms a clean film that has a durable protection against dust and dirt.
    •  It's ideal for drive chain, brake cable, derailleur.
  • Compact, lightweight and powerful! Smooth two-stage construction allows you to inflate any high pressure tire in a couple of minutes letting you keep your energy for longer rides. It is lightweight, reliable and compact. The handle keeps the barrels locked. It comes with composite clamp and hardware.

    • Excellent 500 Lumen light output
    • 100 hours long burn time
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Strengthening short distance illumination
    • Wide angle side visibility
    • Battery Capacity Indicator
    • Mode memory function memorizes last lighting mode
    • IPX4 waterproof standard
  • Spacers allow you to adjust the height of your handlebar position. MAXARYA’s spacers are all custom-made to perfection. These 1 1/8” spacers are thicker than those available on the market bringing more stability. Fits any 1 1/8” fork steerer

  • Comfort grip with ergonomic shaping prevents the wrist from deviating Features three component grip: a high density inner for good connection with handlebar Two soft, lower density outer layer for comfort and shock absorption Soft channels avoid additionally slipping especially at wet conditions It comes as a set of two half-length size and end plugs.

  • Comfort grip with ergonomic shaping prevents the wrist from deviating Features three component grip: a high density inner for good connection with handlebar Two soft, lower density outer layer for comfort and shock absorption Soft channels avoid additionally slipping especially at wet conditions It comes as a set of two half-length large size and end plugs.

  • Comfort grip with ergonomic shaping prevents the wrist from deviating Features three component grip:a high density inner for good connection with handlebar Two soft, lower density outer layer for comfort and shock absorption Soft channels avoid additionally slipping especially at wet conditions It comes as 1 x half-length and 1x full-length large size and end plugs.

  • Security and peace of mind! This 36” long, 8mm hardened steel cable is super tough, lightweight and easy to carry. Comes with a 4-digit keyless locking system and its cable is coated with clear plastic to protect your bikesfrom scratches.

  • Fully protect you and your bike from splashes! These quality custom-built fenders made from unbreakable material and have a stunning carbon fiber look. They are rattle-free, lightweight and stable. They elegantly complete your bike. Come with 3mm stainless steel stays and hardware. All installation hardware included.

  • Our newly upgraded, sturdy and rattle-free kickstand is adjustable and functions great. It specifically designed to fit all CT LIMIT bikes.

  • CH-55 - Cartridge sealed bearings, lightweight alloy structure, precise and durable Best matches Ray 1/Ray 2 MidDrive shell

  • The squeeze of our levers is what dreams are made of (and you know which dreams we’re talking about). Most of our levers can be swapped to be run either front or rear, which is convenient if you like to your brakes reversed, and a Godsend if you bust a lever in the middle of the woods. Avid levers are easy to install, simple to set up, and a pleasure to pull. Comes as a set of left and right

  • Close gear steps between primary sprockets creates smooth, comfortable pedaling Ride proudly with a high-end appearance Quick and easy assembly with cassette sprocket cap SHIMANO logo on lowest sprocket Silver cassette sprocket option

  • Shimano's new XT-level 10-speed cassette specifically designed to work with a 10 speed drivetrain. Shimano developed Dyna-Sys with the goal of increasing rider efficiency. This means closer ratios, smoother shifts, and a more stable pedal stroke. Uses a two-spider construction on the largest six cogs for lightness and rigidity, and prevents gouging of aluminum free-hub bodies

  • Super Narrow HG-X chain (10-speed) Smooth shifting under load and in muddy conditions Further evolution of shifting performance Mud shedding design Directional chain Includes 1 chain pin

  • Outstanding Anti-rust Defense Technology Surpasses 650 hours of salt spray Stretch-proof, long-walled single Speed chain designed for narrow 3/32” chainrings. Extreme strength, durability and attractive satin chrome finish Locking link included. It best matches the left side chain of Ray-1/Ray-2Standard size bicycles.