• Replacement saddle cover fitting Ray 1 and Ray 2 small saddle and CT LIMIT

    Made from high quality triple-layered fabric

    Breathable, washable and UV-resistant

  • Replacement saddle cover fitting Ray 1 and Ray 2 large saddle

    Made from high quality triple-layered fabric

    Breathable, washable and UV-resistant

  • The Raider R70 is perfect for cross-country and city rides as it securely holds any standard panniers or a bag using the side structure. The Raider R70 is compatible with V brakes and disc brakes. Perfectly matches CT LIMIT and any other bikes.

  • Lube-wet


    Lube for wet conditions and muddy conditions.

    Very effective against rust

    Best lubricant for repelling water

    It forms a very thin protective film that allows a better transmission.

    This lubricant is fully biodegradable

  • Lube-pro


    ZEFAL BIKE PRO LUBE is a long-lasting lube for all conditions.

    Pro Bio Lube is a specialized lubricant, ideal for riders looking for competitiveness and performance.

    It's made of synthetic esters that give a longer and better protection to metal parts against day-to-day wear, tear and corrosion.

    It has outstanding performance for versatile weather conditions.

    Best features

    •  High lubricating power.
    •  Effective in all weather conditions.
    •  This lubricant is fully biodegradable.
  • Lube-dry


    ZEFAL Dry Lube is ideal in dry weather conditions. This lubricant excels in dry and dusty environments.

    • Prevents dust and sand from sticking.
    • Its quick drying formula forms a clean film that has a durable protection against dust and dirt.
    •  It's ideal for drive chain, brake cable, derailleur.
  • Made specifically by MAXARYA,its patented design allows for an easy and unique folding function. It can be locked at any desirable angle or simply stays floating for easy getting on and off the bike. It is built using precise and intricate constructionfrom tough 7075 T6 alloy and comes in attractive matte black finish.

    Upgraded 2019 version

  • Compact, lightweight and powerful! Smooth two-stage construction allows you to inflate any high pressure tire in a couple of minutes letting you keep your energy for longer rides. It is lightweight, reliable and compact. The handle keeps the barrels locked. It comes with composite clamp and hardware.

    • Excellent 500 Lumen light output
    • 100 hours long burn time
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Strengthening short distance illumination
    • Wide angle side visibility
    • Battery Capacity Indicator
    • Mode memory function memorizes last lighting mode
    • IPX4 waterproof standard
  • An innovative device! Installs in minutes and keeps your computer/GPS and headlight at the middle of your handlebar.

  • Safety first! This lightweight, rugged and wide-angle view mirror mounts in minutes at the end of your handlebar. It can be adjusted at any viewing angle and folds up without any tool. Made by Mirrycle USA.

  • Spacers allow you to adjust the height of your handlebar position. MAXARYA’s spacers are all custom-made to perfection. These 1 1/8” spacers are thicker than those available on the market bringing more stability. Fits any 1 1/8” fork steerer