The word recumbent means reclining, leaning or lying down. A recumbent bicycle refers to a type of bike that the rider gets a comfortable more horizontal posture while riding.
No. First recumbent bicycles introduced from the 1860s and started to be mass-produced from 1920s. Gradually from 1970 several styles entered the market.
Although there are many different recumbent bicycles available these days, they have many things in common. Because of the special geometry and the posture of the rider, they tend to be more comfortable, efficient and usually faster than regular bikes.
Absolutely! They are designed in a way to meet all the needs of riding in any road condition. Although different recumbent perform differently, they have gear inch ratios properly arranged to go fast and comfortable of flat and hilly paths.
Actually due to their lower centre of gravity and the rider’s posture placing the head backward in the case on accident they appear much safer.


Recumbent bicycles are categorized almost like cars, for example, some are designed for speed and therefore they are lower to the ground and are speed-oriented. Some have longer wheelbase and designed for longer rides as can be called touring recumbents. Some are also designed for mid-range rides and commuting.
No. The frame and geometry is different but they use almost the same components and parts commonly used on any regular bikes. Therefore the service and maintenance would be the same.
No really! In general, since they have different geometry and different muscle groups are engaged, it may take a bit of time to get used to the handling and feel of them. Some recumbent are easier to adopt and some need a couple of weeks in most cased to be fully comfortable. If you are new to recumbents or not physically fit better choose one that seems more user-friendly.
Recumbents have different variations these days. LWB (long wheelbase), SWB (short wheelbase), CLWB (compact long wheelbase) and also Highracer and Loweracer are the main categories. Some like Highracers and Lowracers are designed for road racing and could be a bit harder for a novice rider to adopt. Usually CLWB ones are the best choice for a beginner or somebody who needs a recumbent for comfortable daily use.


Maxarya Ray-1 and Ray-1 are CLWB recumbents that specifically designed for daily use for both the notice and experienced cyclists. They perform excellent for short-medium riders, commuting to work or any recreation rides. They are designed to optimally have everything a rider thinks of. The rider’s posture is natural and similar to the position and height of a driver. Therefore, it brings more confidence on city use. They are comfortable and offer great handling and speed.
No. Although they have relatively longer wheelbase for extra comfort and sweet handling, they are pretty compact and lightweight. The seat can be removed and install in seconds and the handlebar stem can be easily folded to make them even more compact. They also can be carried by most regular car carrier racks.
From beginning we’ve had two main goals: quality and comfort. There is no question about the quality as the quality and workmanship has been a significant reason to our sales. The well-thought out geometry, extensively ergonomical studies and improvement of the seat combined with a carefully engineered suspension system ensure the greatest comfort possible…guaranteed!
Its design. It has a unique geometry, a combination of a recumbent and a regular city bike. It has the largest and most comfortable saddle on the market, lower centre of gravity and is extremely lightweight and wonderfully easy-to ride.
We are so confident about the quality and workmanship of our bikes that we proudly offer 5 to 7 years of limited warranty plus life-time technical support on our bikes.


They are less ordinary! We believe they may be the most comfortable bikes ever built!